Small businesses need all the help they can get to stand out from their competitors. Content marketing is a cost-effective form of digital marketing that provides measurable ROI for small businesses. Having produced content strategy, articles, podcasts, guides, and other forms of content for many small businesses in Oman and GCC over the past years, I've seen content marketing provide multiple benefits to our clients: 1. Content marketing is a great way to get your product or service in front of new people 2. It's an inexpensive way to build awareness about what you do 3. You'll see an increase in organic traffic, which will help boost your rankings on Google and other search engines 4. Having content that is easy to find online can lead to more conversions for your business 5. Content marketing helps establish credibility with potential customers who are looking for information about the products or services you offer What is your #1 goal for content marketing?
After working with Instagram influencers and businesses with 30k- 500k+ followers and monitoring algorithm for 5+ years here come some golden tips for you to grow on Instagram. ** The success of your Explore page is determined by your consistency and community. Many people say to develop original material, but this is a mistake because the explore page ranks relatable and comparable information. As a result, you must improve information for the same topic and then maintain consistency. Then you should create original material. As an example, Most meme pages post viral memes, even if they are old, at first because it helps with reach and then after they reach a certain level. They begin to upload original memes. ** Instagram Live is the most effective way to increase your following. The majority of people overlook Instagram Live, although it is the finest. Celebrities and large influencers accept requests to join at random from their fans. As a result, the majority of individuals are wi
1. Test everything , assume nothing 2. Unsexy marketing that sells > sexy marketing that doesn’t 3. Vanity metrics don’t matter - results and revenue do 4. Laser-sharp targeting and audience segmentation are key 5. Focus on community building > chasing customers 6. Action reaps bigger rewards than ‘strategising’ 7. Your audience is your best source of data 8. Optimisation is an iterative process 9. Repurposing content is a priority activity 10. Follow customers , not trends Big thanks to Matt Janaway
TRELLO - We worked on this post's idea on Trello and we swear by it. Create plans and strategies with a kanban and collaborate remotely. AIRMEET - Better than Zoom when it comes to UI, Airmeet is a brilliant video conferencing tool for teams around the globe. GOOGLE DOCS - Cliche but true that docs are irreplaceable. They are perfect for real time collaboration and checking for edits / updates. TOGGL - Best for tracking time and measuring productivity. KIPWISE - For creating your knowledge hub with all notes, links and content pieces.
To help you get started, here's a content marketing strategy checklist:   Keyword Research: make sure you have a long list of keywords linked to your products, services, or brand. This list should be updated on a regular basis to incorporate new keyword ideas so that you never run out of material. Content Objectives: what are your goals for publishing content? Each piece of material might have its own objective. One goal could be to develop topic authority, while another could be to convert leads. Content Length: what is the expected length of your articles? Long-form material is highly regarded and often obtains higher traction in the SERPs. Keep the text shorter if the topic does not require 5,000 words. Style Guide:  create a style guide to ensure that each piece of content has the same voice, tone, and appearance. Include specifics such as brand words' spelling and capitalization, the number of photos to use for each piece, and the number of subheadings to use. Pillar Pa
What is content marketing? A quick definition: Content marketing is a type of internet marketing focused on making, publishing, and distributing content specifically for an intended target audience on the web. There's a lot to it than just that. Content marketing is all about finding fresh, engaging, and informative content that your target audience will be interested in so they will return to your site and possibly buy your products or services. The goal is to increase your traffic so that when visitors come to your site, they will find something of value and this will increase your chances of making a sale or getting a lead. This means content that is relevant and useful to your readers.   One important point to consider is that content marketing is not just for attracting potential customers through search engines like Google or Yahoo! Search engines don't care how your content is written. They care about backlinks being connected to your website from other sites that are re
Startups don't have time or money for slackers. Everything is kept lean, and often the budget is too. You wouldn't make a hire or commission a project unless what you were getting in return was valuable to your business goals. New features have to prove their worth before they're adopted into the product. No dead weight, and everything productive. We believe that content needs the same care and attention, and the same rigorous tests and experimentation, that you'd apply to any other aspect of your business. Copy is too often an afterthought - but it should be front and centre, because for the most part, it's all your users know about you .  So, when we're developing content for you - and that could be writing your LinkedIn profile, or putting together a three hour workshop - we first find out, and then keep in mind:  what job this content is supposed to do . Is it moving your customer towards a sale? Is it building trust? Is it conveying your brand voice, the ri
It's really very simple, we're celebrating August with a 20% discount on all our services! Our approach to Content Creation and Digital Marketing is perfectly suited to SMEs and start-ups in Oman (well, worldwide too really!) and really can take your online activity, and your business, to the next level. As you can imagine, a 20% reduction is a serious commitment on our part. However, we’ve decided to do this to demonstrate our determination to help you achieve your goals by successfully reaching out to those clients you’re struggling to get to right now. whether you need fresh content for your website or company profile, an extra push in SEO, or any other content or digital marketing we're here for you. What are you waiting for then, get in touch today and get 20% OFF your journey to success!
After the plane crash survivor selfie ,  the extreme selfies  and the do-it-yourself selfie stick  here comes the most dangerous (or stupid?) one! Oh, and did you see Queen Elizabeth's photobombing ?
A personal project for the Itzo team, Swimble is the first app to teach kids how to swim. We're designing delightful content in video, audio, illustration and text formats that will take our young users through personalised fun learning pathways. The challenge is creating content that engages the user to the extent that they learn swimming lessons without water - pulling this off will be a triumph of content over context. Visit Swimble .
Website content creation Slogan TBD is a startup platform that matches recent graduates with part-time and project opportunities. We were hired to give their website content more clarity, conciseness, an injection of passion that reflects their own company culture and the mindset of their target market. The slogan we came up with encapsulates both TBD's can-do attitude and the efficiency of their proprietary AI, and speaks to both job seekers and employers: Get the job, get the job done. Visit TBD's website.
  1. Albacross : The B2B tool is designed to collect intent data of all anonymous visitors who come to your website to help you accelerate revenue and increase relevance. With Albacross, marketers can view and contact all companies visiting their website with a high buying intent but are not converting. Further, the tool will automatically store the data in your CRM. 2. Amplitude : The tool gives you more insight into each customer so that you can contact them in a meaningful way. It also helps you to understand changes in customers’ behavior over time with cohorts. 3. Wunderkind : The growth hacking tool was formerly known as Bounce Exchange and offers behavioral automation technology, thus lowering bounce rate and improving time on site. Using its patented exit-intent technology, the tool tracks when and how guests leave your website and then offer them an overlay solution to keep them on your site as well as convert. 4. Content Square : The customer experience analytics tool focuses
Website and content design for a real startup's startup; Metric Bee works with founders, accelerators, and big corporates in support of small business, offering workshops, financial consultation and services, and a host of other focused programmes. We also loved working with Metric Bee on the branding and descriptions of their upcoming startup products, but as that's an exciting new venture for Metric Bee we can't say more than that... Maybe you need a consultation for your new venture? Visit  Metric Bee  now.
Don’t sweat the small stuff is our anti-motto. We love the small stuff. It should be sweated!  Microcopy is the ant of the content biosphere. Tiny individuals working together to support the whole; often overlooked; and almost eerily powerful. It's only metaphorically ants. Really, microcopy is the small snippets of text that populate buttons, menus, calls to action, error messages. If you can't fit a sentence there, it's microcopy. Its smallness can give rise to the assumption that microcopy has less importance than its more complex friends, the sentences that make up Big Copy. How important is it really to decide between a button labeled 'OK' and one labeled 'Go'? As with every kind of copy, we like to make it work hard - as your content, it's a part of your product, and that means it has to earn its place in the business . And the value microcopy can add far exceeds it size. Just have a look at this button, offering a free month's trial of a produ
  This is the ultimate guide to  search engine optimization  in 2021. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT your average “SEO in 2021” predictions post. Yes, I’ll cover the most important SEO trends this year. But you’re also going to see new strategies that are working great right now. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO next year, you’ll love this updated guide. Is Visual Search an SEO game-changer? Not yet. But based on how things are trending, visual search is poised to take off in 2021. Here’s what you need to know. Visual Search is Taking Off More people are conducting more visual searches than ever before. Just take a look at these stats: Google Lens has already been used 1 billion times ( source ). Pinterest gets 600 million visual searches per month ( source ). 36% of American consumers have already used visual search ( source ). Visual Search Technology is Insanely Good Visual search is still in its infancy. And it already works REALLY well. Don’t believe me?
This is Itzo doing what we love best: working with a smart and gritty team of founders to fashion their ideas and passion into robust and meaningful content. In this case we applied the content to a company profile and created a simple, striking website to set off their renewable energy data startup. Visit Tawazi
This is the ultimate guide to  search engine optimization  in 2021. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT your average “SEO in 2021” predictions post. Yes, I’ll cover the most important SEO trends this year. But you’re also going to see new strategies that are working great right now. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO next year, you’ll love this updated guide. According to SEMrush, 6.83% of all search results have a Featured Snippet. And yes: Featured Snippets are stealing A LOT of clicks from the #1 spot. (As I like to say: “#0 is the new #1”) The question is: How do you get your content to appear in the Featured Snippet? Well, that’s what this chapter is all about. I recently decided to make ranking for Featured Snippets a priority. And it helped us go from a handful of Featured Snippets rankings to over 390. Here’s the step-by-step process that I used. 1. Find Featured Snippet opportunities Like most things in SEO, the first step is keyword research . Keywords th
There's nothing better, and funnier, than having your competitors advertising your brand. A simple idea but well thought and implemented. Once DHL’s competitors realised what they were doing it was already too late. Watch it, it’s a good one.
This is the ultimate guide to  search engine optimization  in 2021. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT your average “SEO in 2021” predictions post. Yes, I’ll cover the most important SEO trends this year. But you’re also going to see new strategies that are working great right now. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO next year, you’ll love this updated guide. In October Google announced a new search technology called “Passages”. This feature allows Google to rank specific sections of a page (“a passage”) independently. This feature is going to affect 7% of all searches, which is a massive number. (To put that into context, Google Penguin only impacted 3.1% of all queries .) Let’s see how to optimize for this new Google ranking factor. How Google Passage Ranking Works Passages allow Google to rank specific, relevant passages from a specific page. Not just the page itself. (Kind of like a souped-up version of Featured Snippets.) Here’s an example from Google’s feature