17 Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools


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1. Albacross: The B2B tool is designed to collect intent data of all anonymous visitors who come to your website to help you accelerate revenue and increase relevance. With Albacross, marketers can view and contact all companies visiting their website with a high buying intent but are not converting. Further, the tool will automatically store the data in your CRM.

2. Amplitude: The tool gives you more insight into each customer so that you can contact them in a meaningful way. It also helps you to understand changes in customers’ behavior over time with cohorts.

3. Wunderkind: The growth hacking tool was formerly known as Bounce Exchange and offers behavioral automation technology, thus lowering bounce rate and improving time on site. Using its patented exit-intent technology, the tool tracks when and how guests leave your website and then offer them an overlay solution to keep them on your site as well as convert.

4. Content Square: The customer experience analytics tool focuses on conversion analysis, website optimization and usability research. Marketers use Content Square to keep their visitors engaged, analyze their online forms performance and take their visitors through the conversion process.

5. CrazyEgg: You should install this tool if you want to know how your website visitors are interacting with content and behaving. You will see how they’re clicking, watching, reading and how different segments are behaving and more. So with CrazyEgg, you can study customers’ behaviors rather than running several A/B tests, know which messages are working, which to tweak, replace or delete.

6. Google Analytics: Understanding your existing customers is the first step towards activating new ones. This analytic tool is widely used not because it’s free but because it gives in-depth data about your website visitors, how they behave and conversions that fuel more growth.

7. Gumroad: The growth hacking tool helps independent writers, designers, musicians, game developers, artists, small businesses and more to sell their products without an online store. You can sell them in the form of iBook, HTML, PDF and MP4. Still, content creators can make covers for their products to enhance their look and connect Gumroad to SoundCloud and other social accounts.

8. Hello Bar: This simple tool allows you to create a bar and CTA on any goals such as collecting emails, driving traffic, or pointing visitors to other channels. That means that with Hello Bar, you can keep track of the number of clicks that each header bar receives and customize the header ban and button to blend well with your site design.

9. Rev: The lead gathering tool uses AI to analyze customer data and reveal which customers or companies are likely to purchase your products or services. Rev applies two steps that prioritizes the leads so that in the end, the sales team will have high-quality prospects.

10. Leadfeeder: The B2B growth hacking tool can help you generate more leads by showing you which companies visited your site, how they found you and their interests. That means the platform will convert anonymous traffic into an actual company name, reveal its behavior and thus helping you to tap on the ready-to-buy leads.

11. MonsterInsights: The tool gives you relevant, actionable data generated from Google Analytics. It automatically generates reports which you can access in WordPress and is compatible with all devices.

12. MozBar: This is a powerful growth hacking tool for users that want to improve their SEO efforts while working with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So the toolbar has several SEO metrics, and users can track the figures of customized searches, ranking of specific keywords and phrases. Still, the tool can be used on its own page or that of competitors.

13. SessionCam: The tool allows you to watch session recordings of your website and mobile visitors in order to identify their problem areas and improve conversion. Still, you can get heatmaps that give you added information about the behavior of your site visitors. You can also integrate this tool with third-party solutions such as CampaignMonitor, Google analytics, Olark and CheetahMail.

14. SnapEngage: This is a scalable chat software that can be perfectly integrated with workflow applications such as social media, CRMs, and eCommerce tools. The growth hacking tool can handle SMS chat, file exchange, team chats, monitoring, reporting, user roles, and more.

15. Totango: With this tool, a marketer and content creator can drive website visitors and help users to have a unique experience of their products, thus influence conversion. Therefore Totango helps you identify true evaluators against an average free user, as well as obtain details that will help you when making smart follow-up emails and calls.

16. UserLane: The software allows you to create an interactive onboarding guide that rewards users with checkmarks when they successfully complete a step. So users can enjoy their success from the beginning, which will help them stick around.

17. Zapier: The tool makes it easy to automate tedious tasks because it allows you to connect it with the web apps you are using. For instance, you can create a new Salesforce with Zapier when a visitor fills a form on your website. Still, you use Zapier to add Eventbrite attendees to MailChimp. You can connect Zapier to more than 300 Apps.

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