Content #goals

Startups don't have time or money for slackers. Everything is kept lean, and often the budget is too. You wouldn't make a hire or commission a project unless what you were getting in return was valuable to your business goals. New features have to prove their worth before they're adopted into the product. No dead weight, and everything productive.

We believe that content needs the same care and attention, and the same rigorous tests and experimentation, that you'd apply to any other aspect of your business. Copy is too often an afterthought - but it should be front and centre, because for the most part, it's all your users know about you

So, when we're developing content for you - and that could be writing your LinkedIn profile, or putting together a three hour workshop - we first find out, and then keep in mind: what job this content is supposed to do.

Is it moving your customer towards a sale? Is it building trust? Is it conveying your brand voice, the right tone for this message? Is it keeping their attention for those first crucial seconds after they land on your page? In short, is this button, this slide going to align with your business goals and provide value to your customer? If not - sorry, words, you gotta go, we can't spare the screen space. The startup world can be brutal to superfluous sentences and confusing CTAs. 

If you want goal-driven content created just for your startup or SME by our friendly team of writers, get in touch with us at itzo content marketing, and see what happens when every letter of your copy is working for you.

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