Who is ITZO?

ITZO content creation Oman

How can content and digital marketing grow your brand?

Possibilities are endless.

This space is actually about YOU, not us. It's about how we can help YOU. How we can collaborate and reach YOUR objectives.

Where should you focus first? We always start by having a good chat to understand YOU and YOUR business.

We then analyse your target audience. Where they are.

Choose one or more marketing approaches, as part of your marketing strategy.

Look carefully at costs to keep it within YOUR budget.

Work on it together with you.

Ok, but who are you really??

We're not the usual social media or digital marketing agency.

We're a group of professionals, living across the GCC, specialising in working mostly with local SMEs and start-ups. We love travelling, we might be just anywhere, but rest assured, once we work together we'll keep you close to our hearts ❤️️.

- Meet the team -

ITZO best Content and Marketing Company Oman


An entrepreneur with a passion for, and deep experience in, SME operations and customer and user experience across retail, education, events and catering, Susan helps startups develop the powerful and purposeful content they need to grow. Susan loves to work on anything to do with words, and especially enjoys collaborating with startups and SMEs - it’s more fun.
Itzo Best Content Development Oman


More than 20 years global experience, specialising in developing and implementing results-driven strategies while integrating digital and traditional methodologies. Roman born, globally raised, based in the UAE. Always ready to take on the next challenge.
Itzo Best Digital Marketing Oman


Fen is all about the numbers. She’s happiest when sketching out the information architecture for a website, or structuring a new content audit spreadsheet. Her background is in engineering, but the artist in her led Fen to lend her scientific skills to creating beautiful, useful websites.


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