Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

To help you get started, here's a content marketing strategy checklist:


Keyword Research: make sure you have a long list of keywords linked to your products, services, or brand. This list should be updated on a regular basis to incorporate new keyword ideas so that you never run out of material.

Content Objectives: what are your goals for publishing content? Each piece of material might have its own objective. One goal could be to develop topic authority, while another could be to convert leads.

Content Length: what is the expected length of your articles? Long-form material is highly regarded and often obtains higher traction in the SERPs. Keep the text shorter if the topic does not require 5,000 words.

Style Guide: create a style guide to ensure that each piece of content has the same voice, tone, and appearance. Include specifics such as brand words' spelling and capitalization, the number of photos to use for each piece, and the number of subheadings to use.

Pillar Pages: pillar pages are a good idea to have. These are high-level pieces of content that focus on the keywords you want to target. Throughout your articles, include links to your pillar pages.

Non-Text Content: in addition to text-based content, consider generating videos, infographics, and interactive content. These pieces can be embedded in your articles to make them more engaging.

Writing and Proofreading: create a strategy for developing and proofing content that reflects your best work. You can delegate these responsibilities to anyone on your team or outsource them if necessary.

Target Audience: each piece of content should be tailored to a certain subset of your target audience.

Promotion: plan how you'll publicise your stuff. Email marketing, influencer outreach, and other tactics can be used to promote your content.

To keep on track, refer to this content marketing strategy checklist as often as necessary. You can also change your strategy to reflect new objectives or target a different audience.

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Good luck!

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