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Emotions Experiences Engagement The best brands tick all three boxes. If your content isn’t inspiring, educating, motivating, amusing, shocking, surprising, moving, empowering, educating or entertaining your audience... Then you’ll never realise the full potential of what social could do for you. If your content isn’t making people feel a part of something bigger than your social media page i.e. active participants in the community around your brand... Then you’ll never convert your followers into fans. If your content doesn’t drive shares and comments (and you aren’t engaging with your community by responding to their interactions)... Then you’ll never build strong brand affinity. Emotions. Experiences. Engagement. Once you've mastered these you can move on and choose the best type of content marketing for you.
Effective blogging has a purpose, even more so when you think about business optimisation strategies and increased brand/product awareness. If you can keep the end reader informed/entertained enough to click on the CTA at the end of a blog post, then you have done the job as a "blogger."  Blogging is one of the many channels that allow brands to build trust and credibility and a real connection with their customers. A gold mine if used the right way. Blog genuinely and tap into topics that trigger your customer's interests, not only when you want them to make a purchase, but way ahead of that. * Write blogs that speak to people in different stages of the buyer's journey. Not all blogs are top of funnel. * Don't build the house before you have the blueprint. Know where you're going with your content and why. * Use social listening to find out what people are asking, and blog to answer those questions. * Point readers to the next right step. Might be deeper lear
  There are plenty of content marketing types out there to benefit from. The key is for the content to provide information or entertainment, usually for free, in support of a business goal.  A few examples of what most of us are trying to get out of content marketing are:    * Driving traffic to key landing pages    * Spreading brand awareness    * Building relationships    * Bringing in revenue    * Generating social shares and backlinks When it comes to your content marketing strategy it can be difficult to decide which types are going to resonate with your audience and personas. You have to think about what types of content are relevant to your business and industry but also what will effectively promote your business and encourage the most engagement. The below is not a definitive list of content types, don’t be afraid to try out new things too, it’s always good to experiment. Blogs  - this comes in at number 1. Blogging is very important, and you should be writing and distributin
Publishing great content on your blog or website doesn't have to be always tough; what is challenging is getting a large number of people to discover it and read it, right? If your content is not being read, it’s like dancing in the dark where nobody but you alone knows you are dancing. With these 7 evergreen ideas you can repurpose your content and reach more people. According to a post published by Srinivas Rao on the Search Engine Journal , “For repurposed and repackaged content to work it must be polished, expanded upon, and treated as your art.” If you are not getting the right traffic, perhaps it’s high time you changed your approach. Do something you’ve not done before but which is known to work and give others the expected results. So what are those things you should do in order to make more audience aware of your blog and content? 1. Turn your blog post into a slideshow Take a look at any of your great content and pick out the salient points from the post and change them
  A super list of blog titles (and blogging ideas) for when you're stuck! As these are used and abused I’d be careful not to copy paste but try to customise these titles. They do work in getting attention, give it a try, but then your content ( Content? What's that?? ) will need to be just as good. How to ____. How to ____ in X Steps. X Secrets You Didn't Know About ____. What ____ Doesn't Want You to Know. X Lies You've Been Told About ____. X Myths About ____ You Probably Still Believe. X Things We Learned From _____. X Predictions About the Future of ____. X Quotes About the Future of ____. X Inspirational Quotes to Help You ____. The One Thing You've Been Missing to ____. The Worst Advice You Can Hear About ____. The Best Advice You Can Hear About ____. Read What These X Experts Have to Say About ____. Why We Love ____ (and You Should Too!) ____ 101: All the Basics You Need to Know. The Beginner's Guide to ____. The Intermediate Guide to ____. The Expert
  You have to be aware of what's happening around you and so much more. When preparing a content strategy for a brand, you can't just put educational content there. People aren't interested in just getting educated. Remember - On Instagram people are there to scroll through visually appealing images and reels. You have to create content that fits in, if you want to convert your followers into your buyers. Let's discuss a few types of content that you should consider including in your content strategy: √  Timely content: If there's an upcoming event or a festival that is important for your audience. You don't want to leave it. Make content around it and see the engagement go up. √  Trending content: Something or the other is always trendy. If you make content around it, people will find it relatable. √  Original content: Educational content will come here. This type will be unique to your business. √  Snackable content: Not everyone will have time to g
Small businesses need all the help they can get to stand out from their competitors. Content marketing is a cost-effective form of digital marketing that provides measurable ROI for small businesses. Having produced content strategy, articles, podcasts, guides, and other forms of content for many small businesses in Oman and GCC over the past years, I've seen content marketing provide multiple benefits to our clients: 1. Content marketing is a great way to get your product or service in front of new people 2. It's an inexpensive way to build awareness about what you do 3. You'll see an increase in organic traffic, which will help boost your rankings on Google and other search engines 4. Having content that is easy to find online can lead to more conversions for your business 5. Content marketing helps establish credibility with potential customers who are looking for information about the products or services you offer What is your #1 goal for content marketing?
To help you get started, here's a content marketing strategy checklist:   Keyword Research: make sure you have a long list of keywords linked to your products, services, or brand. This list should be updated on a regular basis to incorporate new keyword ideas so that you never run out of material. Content Objectives: what are your goals for publishing content? Each piece of material might have its own objective. One goal could be to develop topic authority, while another could be to convert leads. Content Length: what is the expected length of your articles? Long-form material is highly regarded and often obtains higher traction in the SERPs. Keep the text shorter if the topic does not require 5,000 words. Style Guide:  create a style guide to ensure that each piece of content has the same voice, tone, and appearance. Include specifics such as brand words' spelling and capitalization, the number of photos to use for each piece, and the number of subheadings to use. Pillar Pa
A personal project for the Itzo team, Swimble is the first app to teach kids how to swim. We're designing delightful content in video, audio, illustration and text formats that will take our young users through personalised fun learning pathways. The challenge is creating content that engages the user to the extent that they learn swimming lessons without water - pulling this off will be a triumph of content over context. Visit Swimble .
Website content creation Slogan TBD is a startup platform that matches recent graduates with part-time and project opportunities. We were hired to give their website content more clarity, conciseness, an injection of passion that reflects their own company culture and the mindset of their target market. The slogan we came up with encapsulates both TBD's can-do attitude and the efficiency of their proprietary AI, and speaks to both job seekers and employers: Get the job, get the job done. Visit TBD's website.
Website and content design for a real startup's startup; Metric Bee works with founders, accelerators, and big corporates in support of small business, offering workshops, financial consultation and services, and a host of other focused programmes. We also loved working with Metric Bee on the branding and descriptions of their upcoming startup products, but as that's an exciting new venture for Metric Bee we can't say more than that... Maybe you need a consultation for your new venture? Visit  Metric Bee  now.
This is Itzo doing what we love best: working with a smart and gritty team of founders to fashion their ideas and passion into robust and meaningful content. In this case we applied the content to a company profile and created a simple, striking website to set off their renewable energy data startup. Visit Tawazi
Investor presentation Hadaya is a successful SME that had an opportunity to pitch for investment, and came to us to develop their presentation. It had to be sleek and to-the-point, and to create excitement and urgency both through its graphics and animation, and its textual content. Visit Adaya's   website .
Glare is a lighting design studio with offices in Muscat, Dubai, Milan, Doha and Almaty. We have assisted in developing their website and its content. Visit GLARE and feel free to share any feedback with us!
Working with a team across three different time zones, on the MVP of an app whose aim is to spread trusted, timely, and local COVID-19 news and guidelines to under-served minority-language communities. Pitching just the right brand voice for what is necessarily a diverse target user group; switching back and forth between languages for the prototype content; and keeping up with the fast-moving pace of the pandemic and government reactions to it - all these were always going to need agile and creative solutions. Luckily that's what we and the Linqua team thrive on, and we loved every minute of it. Visit Linqua .
Website content Video script We developed online content for FastMovers that reflected their core vision and plans for growth, with SEO and dynamism in mind. The challenge was to create a website that clearly explained the service and its benefits to two very different target markets, while keeping consistency of messaging. We used the same tone and key messaging for our second FastMovers project, writing a script for their international sales video. Visit FastMovers .
Sales script Hona App came to us to streamline a vital part of their startup: the pitch to partners. As a matching app that pushes local businesses' offers to potential customers, a key component to their success was signing up those business owners they knew their market would respond to. We created a full sales script, including an elevator pitch, IRL examples, a guide to tone and delivery, mission statement, and pain point solutions.
BritSwim is the leading swimming company in Muscat, part of the Unique Sports Oman group, and it offers highly effective, super fun swimming lessons for every age and every level, delivered by their qualified and dedicated teachers. As the company grew quickly there was a need to create more professional and technical content; from company policies to manuals, from website content to blog posts, and much more! Visit BritSwim and find out more about our work and them.
The brief was to develop a website for Unique Sports Oman, a leading sports company based in Muscat, with the sole purpose of creating awareness about the company, its subsidiaries (Ace Tennis School, BritSwim, and Teddy Tennis Oman), and key management personnel. We were also invited to come up with ideas for identity and the creation of various social media channels. After a few meetings and lots of coffees, we delivered our first 'baby', in a timely manner and under budget. The final design was clean and dynamic, with dark colours to contrast with Unique Sports Oman's lively and vibrant corporate colours. Take some time to visit their site to see the final result, let us know how we can assist you, and if you're thinking of living an healthier life, join Unique Sports Oman!
Duqm 1 is an online investor/tourist guide, aiming to provide travellers, new residents, and business owners in Duqm with an easy and convenient stay while visiting for pleasure or work. The revised site needed to be updated daily, several times, as news came in, and we've been updating and expanding it by adding new jobs, locals’ favourite restaurants, shops, as well as hotels, tour operators, and natural landmarks. If you're planning to go to Duqm, don't forget to visit  Duqm 1  first; it'll definitely be useful. Enjoy!