Best Types of Content Marketing

 Itzo best content types in Dubai

There are plenty of content marketing types out there to benefit from. The key is for the content to provide information or entertainment, usually for free, in support of a business goal. 

A few examples of what most of us are trying to get out of content marketing are:
   * Driving traffic to key landing pages
   * Spreading brand awareness
   * Building relationships
   * Bringing in revenue
   * Generating social shares and backlinks

When it comes to your content marketing strategy it can be difficult to decide which types are going to resonate with your audience and personas. You have to think about what types of content are relevant to your business and industry but also what will effectively promote your business and encourage the most engagement. The below is not a definitive list of content types, don’t be afraid to try out new things too, it’s always good to experiment.

Blogs - this comes in at number 1. Blogging is very important, and you should be writing and distributing industry-related posts on a regular basis. It can help increase your ranking in search, trust with customers and so much more.

Videos - Videos can engage an audience quickly and effectively. 54% of audiences want to see videos from brands and businesses they support. Which is far more than other types of content. You don’t need to have a glossy studio or a professional film crew to create an engaging video either, videos are a hugely versatile medium enabling you to portray and visualise your brand messaging effectively.

Case Studies - Case studies are hugely effective for leads who want to find out more about your business as well as learn about the success and satisfaction you bring to your customers/clients. These short reports help prospective buyers see how you bring value to your customers and heavily influence purchasing decisions.

User-Generated Content - Essentially what it says on the tin. UGC is a great content method that actively seeks the involvement and engagement of your audience. This content can also promote awareness amongst those who haven’t engaged with your business before, expanding your reach further.

Whitepapers - Commonly mistaken for eBooks or Guides. Whitepapers are densely packed with information and data, they don’t make for the ‘prettiest’ piece of content but they can be used to sway prospective buyers who are in the research phase of their buying journey.

Guides/eBooks - If you’re unfamiliar with how an eBook or Guide could come together, envision them as a long-form blog post. Condensing information, tips, and visual media into a digestible, commonly downloadable piece of content. Guides offer a great opportunity for you to provide real value for your customers.

Gated Content - Linking to the previous, guides are a great way to give something away for free, well close to. Consider ‘gating’ this content behind a pop-up or contact form in which you can prompt your visitors to enter their contact information in exchange for access to that content. It’s a great way to build up your contact database but make sure the exchange is fair.

Infographics - Infographics are an informative and fun way to present and share key bits of information/statistics with your visitors and followers. They are versatile and can be used on social posts, blog images and your website.

Influencers - Our online superstars can bring real value when paired up with the right business. Having appropriate influencers promote your content can attract an entirely new audience you weren’t previously able to reach. You can normally reach out to an influencer by contacting their representation or management team.

Checklists - Checklists provide value to potential customers, especially for SMB customers. They show a step-by-step method for solving a problem and can be formatted to fit your social media pages.

Memes - A form of content marketing best described as, "Don’t knock it 'til you try it." Memes are a relatively new type of content marketing, but they work extremely well. A meme is an image set with culturally relevant text that is rapidly circulated online. If you can time a meme perfectly, and align it with your social aesthetic, it’s a savvy way to increase traffic.

Testimonials/Reviews - Like user-generated content, testimonials and customer reviews are content generated straight from your audience. If you’re operating in a niche market, testimonials give a short synopsis of why your company stands out.

Remember, when it comes to content marketing, choose the types that fit your business and audience and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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