Instagram is not for the weak

 Itzo Instagram Content

You have to be aware of what's happening around you and so much more.

When preparing a content strategy for a brand, you can't just put educational content there.

People aren't interested in just getting educated.

Remember - On Instagram people are there to scroll through visually appealing images and reels. You have to create content that fits in, if you want to convert your followers into your buyers.

Let's discuss a few types of content that you should consider including in your content strategy:

√ Timely content: If there's an upcoming event or a festival that is important for your audience. You don't want to leave it. Make content around it and see the engagement go up.

√ Trending content: Something or the other is always trendy. If you make content around it, people will find it relatable.

√ Original content: Educational content will come here. This type will be unique to your business.

√ Snackable content: Not everyone will have time to go through a carousel at times. Create a single post with pointers. You'll have their attention.

√ Actionable content: Adding CTA is very important. It guides your audience.

√ Inspiring content: As much as a simple quote, can stir emotions. Harness the power of storytelling for your brand.

√ Short videos should be a part of your strategy. Instagram is all about visuals. Credibility increases 10x when you're talking directly.

And lastly, remember to interact, interact and interact, not just posting.

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If you are a business, well established or a start-up, big or small,  looking for an effective content strategy, get in touch and let's develop something awesome together!

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