Blogging Tips 2022


Effective blogging has a purpose, even more so when you think about business optimisation strategies and increased brand/product awareness.

If you can keep the end reader informed/entertained enough to click on the CTA at the end of a blog post, then you have done the job as a "blogger." 

Blogging is one of the many channels that allow brands to build trust and credibility and a real connection with their customers. A gold mine if used the right way.

Blog genuinely and tap into topics that trigger your customer's interests, not only when you want them to make a purchase, but way ahead of that.

* Write blogs that speak to people in different stages of the buyer's journey. Not all blogs are top of funnel.

* Don't build the house before you have the blueprint. Know where you're going with your content and why.

* Use social listening to find out what people are asking, and blog to answer those questions.

* Point readers to the next right step. Might be deeper learning (e.g., a related course or template) or a free trial/demo request.

* Don't focus only on SEO. If you have an executive audience, thought leadership blogs and influencer guest posts can be more effective. Writing blog doesn't mean write about just anything and then stuff keywords. Make sure that it sounds original, authentic and reflects thought leadership.

* Always add a unique angle, even (especially?) when doing SEO content. Yes, the SERP is there to understand the topic coverage, but add something unique.

* Avoid 'me too' content, as it generates 0 added value. If you want to cover the popular topic, make sure you bring something new to the table - your unique POV, experience, or even counterintuitive thought.

* Make your blogs multimedia - don't forget to embed images and video, or even a podcast, into the blog posts.

* Don't be afraid of zero search volume keywords. There is search volume.

* Find as many ways to distribute your blog content as possible. Distribution is key.

* Tap your executives and sales team to share!

* Alternate single lengthy blog posts with little snippets of content, they can also be reused in so many different ways.

* VERY IMPORTANT: make your blogs as much of a one-stop-shop as you can. You don't want someone reading your blog and feeling they need more information - then leaving your site and going back to google for more info.

* Track performance.

Blogs can be such an untapped goldmine and a great way to nurture and deepen (prospective or current) customer-company relationships. They help you upgrade from transactions to relationships.

It takes passion and lots of hard work and commitment. Welcome to the long game!

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