The 70/20/10 content rule

Itzo Content Strategy rule

Ever heard of the 70/20/10 content rule?

It was created by Cola-Cola to foster marketing innovation and it can be applied it to your content strategy too.

The goal is to allocate different percentages of your budget, time, and efforts to different levels of content marketing.

Here's how it works:

→ 70 percent:

70% of marketing activities are dedicated to low-risk activities.

These include blog posts, the usual social media posts, search marketing, etc.

It's the marketing that appeals to most.

And is the content that pays bills.

→ 20 percent:

20% is allocated to innovative content ideas.

Has something worked particularly well in your 70% bucket?

Then, double down on that.

Test it.

Measure it.

And experiment.

The goal is innovation.

→ 10 percent:

This is where the fun comes.

And where most brands miserably fail.

10% of your content marketing should be allocated to high-risk content.

These are the ideas that have never been tested.

But they might work. And the best part? Nobody is doing it.

High-risk? High-reward.

Give it a try next time drafting your strategy, and if you need some extra tips check out our content marketing strategy checklist

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