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Effective blogging has a purpose, even more so when you think about business optimisation strategies and increased brand/product awareness. If you can keep the end reader informed/entertained enough to click on the CTA at the end of a blog post, then you have done the job as a "blogger."  Blogging is one of the many channels that allow brands to build trust and credibility and a real connection with their customers. A gold mine if used the right way. Blog genuinely and tap into topics that trigger your customer's interests, not only when you want them to make a purchase, but way ahead of that. * Write blogs that speak to people in different stages of the buyer's journey. Not all blogs are top of funnel. * Don't build the house before you have the blueprint. Know where you're going with your content and why. * Use social listening to find out what people are asking, and blog to answer those questions. * Point readers to the next right step. Might be deeper lear
  There are plenty of content marketing types out there to benefit from. The key is for the content to provide information or entertainment, usually for free, in support of a business goal.  A few examples of what most of us are trying to get out of content marketing are:    * Driving traffic to key landing pages    * Spreading brand awareness    * Building relationships    * Bringing in revenue    * Generating social shares and backlinks When it comes to your content marketing strategy it can be difficult to decide which types are going to resonate with your audience and personas. You have to think about what types of content are relevant to your business and industry but also what will effectively promote your business and encourage the most engagement. The below is not a definitive list of content types, don’t be afraid to try out new things too, it’s always good to experiment. Blogs  - this comes in at number 1. Blogging is very important, and you should be writing and distributin
Ever heard of the 70/20/10 content rule? It was created by Cola-Cola to foster marketing innovation and it can be applied it to your content strategy too. The goal is to allocate different percentages of your budget, time, and efforts to different levels of content marketing. Here's how it works: → 70 percent: 70% of marketing activities are dedicated to low-risk activities. These include blog posts, the usual social media posts, search marketing, etc. It's the marketing that appeals to most. And is the content that pays bills. → 20 percent: 20% is allocated to innovative content ideas. Has something worked particularly well in your 70% bucket? Then, double down on that. Test it. Measure it. And experiment. The goal is innovation. → 10 percent: This is where the fun comes. And where most brands miserably fail. 10% of your content marketing should be allocated to high-risk content. These are the ideas that have never been tested. But they might work. And the best part? Nobody is