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Today we would like to share a good link building method which we've been using for a long time now. It's a free method to generate real quality traffic to your site. You simply need to register in each site and create your articles with your d0follow backlinks, that's all! We recommend to use unique articles (no spin content) to get the max of link juice. Enjoy! Website                                            Dofollow            DA           DR                                                 yes               51            68                                                 yes               33            39                                               yes                38            41                                    yes                    25           28                                             yes                    25            25                                         
Are you looking for the ideal Influencer Marketing Strategy to help you expand your business? Influencer marketing has been a buzzword for a while, as marketers we hear it every day. Working with the right social media influencers is essential for a successful influencer marketing campaign. But, before we go into influencer marketing strategies and tools, let's talk about what we're talking about and why we're talking about it. What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a collaboration where a company partners with an influential individual to promote a brand or a specific product. Before social media we use to have brand ambassadors, now we have influencers, same principle but with much bigger exposure, engagement and, most importantly, results. In today's digital age, however, social media content providers with specialised following may now provide brands with greater value. On social media sites, these people have devoted followings. "Social media in
Small businesses need all the help they can get to stand out from their competitors. Content marketing is a cost-effective form of digital marketing that provides measurable ROI for small businesses. Having produced content strategy, articles, podcasts, guides, and other forms of content for many small businesses in Oman and GCC over the past years, I've seen content marketing provide multiple benefits to our clients: 1. Content marketing is a great way to get your product or service in front of new people 2. It's an inexpensive way to build awareness about what you do 3. You'll see an increase in organic traffic, which will help boost your rankings on Google and other search engines 4. Having content that is easy to find online can lead to more conversions for your business 5. Content marketing helps establish credibility with potential customers who are looking for information about the products or services you offer What is your #1 goal for content marketing?
After working with Instagram influencers and businesses with 30k- 500k+ followers and monitoring algorithm for 5+ years here come some golden tips for you to grow on Instagram. ** The success of your Explore page is determined by your consistency and community. Many people say to develop original material, but this is a mistake because the explore page ranks relatable and comparable information. As a result, you must improve information for the same topic and then maintain consistency. Then you should create original material. As an example, Most meme pages post viral memes, even if they are old, at first because it helps with reach and then after they reach a certain level. They begin to upload original memes. ** Instagram Live is the most effective way to increase your following. The majority of people overlook Instagram Live, although it is the finest. Celebrities and large influencers accept requests to join at random from their fans. As a result, the majority of individuals are wi
1. Test everything , assume nothing 2. Unsexy marketing that sells > sexy marketing that doesn’t 3. Vanity metrics don’t matter - results and revenue do 4. Laser-sharp targeting and audience segmentation are key 5. Focus on community building > chasing customers 6. Action reaps bigger rewards than ‘strategising’ 7. Your audience is your best source of data 8. Optimisation is an iterative process 9. Repurposing content is a priority activity 10. Follow customers , not trends Big thanks to Matt Janaway
TRELLO - We worked on this post's idea on Trello and we swear by it. Create plans and strategies with a kanban and collaborate remotely. AIRMEET - Better than Zoom when it comes to UI, Airmeet is a brilliant video conferencing tool for teams around the globe. GOOGLE DOCS - Cliche but true that docs are irreplaceable. They are perfect for real time collaboration and checking for edits / updates. TOGGL - Best for tracking time and measuring productivity. KIPWISE - For creating your knowledge hub with all notes, links and content pieces.
  1. Albacross : The B2B tool is designed to collect intent data of all anonymous visitors who come to your website to help you accelerate revenue and increase relevance. With Albacross, marketers can view and contact all companies visiting their website with a high buying intent but are not converting. Further, the tool will automatically store the data in your CRM. 2. Amplitude : The tool gives you more insight into each customer so that you can contact them in a meaningful way. It also helps you to understand changes in customers’ behavior over time with cohorts. 3. Wunderkind : The growth hacking tool was formerly known as Bounce Exchange and offers behavioral automation technology, thus lowering bounce rate and improving time on site. Using its patented exit-intent technology, the tool tracks when and how guests leave your website and then offer them an overlay solution to keep them on your site as well as convert. 4. Content Square : The customer experience analytics tool focuses
  This is the ultimate guide to  search engine optimization  in 2021. And let me be clear about something: This is NOT your average “SEO in 2021” predictions post. Yes, I’ll cover the most important SEO trends this year. But you’re also going to see new strategies that are working great right now. So if you’re looking to improve your SEO next year, you’ll love this updated guide. Is Visual Search an SEO game-changer? Not yet. But based on how things are trending, visual search is poised to take off in 2021. Here’s what you need to know. Visual Search is Taking Off More people are conducting more visual searches than ever before. Just take a look at these stats: Google Lens has already been used 1 billion times ( source ). Pinterest gets 600 million visual searches per month ( source ). 36% of American consumers have already used visual search ( source ). Visual Search Technology is Insanely Good Visual search is still in its infancy. And it already works REALLY well. Don’t believe me?
A brief list of best growth hacking tools for traffic acquisition to skyrocket your business! Click to Tweet : The tool gives you an easy way of promoting or advertising your product or business on Twitter. In this strategy, new users are asked to share the product on Twitter, and then the brand can track the analytics to see the number of times the Click to Tweet link has been clicked on. You can use this on the website, landing pages, social media posts, emails etc. Finteza : This is a website traffic tracking tool that can also help you to build funnels and analyze your users’ behavior in order to drive conversions. Finteza gives you accurate data about the loading speed of certain pages on your website, and you can also run relevant ads on your website using the tool’s built-in advertising engine, thus growing your revenue. Growthbar : The chrome extension allows you to access critical SEO data points on every website and get keywords and growth channels that make it productive. Th
For a long time, the buzzword in digital marketing has been content marketing. How many times have you heard the terms "Content is King," "a good content strategy," "we need a content department," or "we need to hire a Content Marketer" in a conversation? With the launch of Hummingbird, a Google search algorithm, there is now a strong emphasis on content in search. Hummingbird strengthened long-tailed keywords by focusing on content optimization rather than just keyword optimization. Do consumers, on the other hand, really comprehend what content marketing is? What's more, why and how should they be doing it? Content marketing has taken on a new identity since we began working with SEO a few years ago. It was referred to as 'link building' at its most basic level. Even though we are now in 2019, we know that link building (in its old form) is terrible because gaining unrelated and authoritative links can only hurt a site's credit