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Emotions Experiences Engagement The best brands tick all three boxes. If your content isn’t inspiring, educating, motivating, amusing, shocking, surprising, moving, empowering, educating or entertaining your audience... Then you’ll never realise the full potential of what social could do for you. If your content isn’t making people feel a part of something bigger than your social media page i.e. active participants in the community around your brand... Then you’ll never convert your followers into fans. If your content doesn’t drive shares and comments (and you aren’t engaging with your community by responding to their interactions)... Then you’ll never build strong brand affinity. Emotions. Experiences. Engagement. Once you've mastered these you can move on and choose the best type of content marketing for you.
  There are plenty of content marketing types out there to benefit from. The key is for the content to provide information or entertainment, usually for free, in support of a business goal.  A few examples of what most of us are trying to get out of content marketing are:    * Driving traffic to key landing pages    * Spreading brand awareness    * Building relationships    * Bringing in revenue    * Generating social shares and backlinks When it comes to your content marketing strategy it can be difficult to decide which types are going to resonate with your audience and personas. You have to think about what types of content are relevant to your business and industry but also what will effectively promote your business and encourage the most engagement. The below is not a definitive list of content types, don’t be afraid to try out new things too, it’s always good to experiment. Blogs  - this comes in at number 1. Blogging is very important, and you should be writing and distributin
Publishing great content on your blog or website doesn't have to be always tough; what is challenging is getting a large number of people to discover it and read it, right? If your content is not being read, it’s like dancing in the dark where nobody but you alone knows you are dancing. With these 7 evergreen ideas you can repurpose your content and reach more people. According to a post published by Srinivas Rao on the Search Engine Journal , “For repurposed and repackaged content to work it must be polished, expanded upon, and treated as your art.” If you are not getting the right traffic, perhaps it’s high time you changed your approach. Do something you’ve not done before but which is known to work and give others the expected results. So what are those things you should do in order to make more audience aware of your blog and content? 1. Turn your blog post into a slideshow Take a look at any of your great content and pick out the salient points from the post and change them
SEO is hard. It’s an ever-changing mess of algorithms, keywords and links. No wonder new marketers make so many mistakes! But ironically, many don’t even realise that they have. Which of these 9 SEO mistakes have you made? Mistake #1 - The David And Goliath Keyword Strategy So, you’ve set up a new website, you’re raring to go. You’re keen to take on the big guns. Good luck. Unfortunately, SEO ain’t no David and Goliath tale. Aiming for ultra-competitive keywords, Straight off the bat is gonna get you nowhere. Instead, target less competitive & long-tail. That way you can build your strength. And bring the pain! Mistake #2 - The Infrequent Publisher  You don’t need to publish content every day. But leaving the same old content up for weeks, Will make your site go stale. So, produce at least one new article a week, And update older content with value. Mistake #3 - Low-Quality Content There’s nothing Google hates more than poor quality. … Well, maybe paying tax… But stuff your conten
Are you looking for the ideal Influencer Marketing Strategy to help you expand your business? Influencer marketing has been a buzzword for a while, as marketers we hear it every day. Working with the right social media influencers is essential for a successful influencer marketing campaign. But, before we go into influencer marketing strategies and tools, let's talk about what we're talking about and why we're talking about it. What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a collaboration where a company partners with an influential individual to promote a brand or a specific product. Before social media we use to have brand ambassadors, now we have influencers, same principle but with much bigger exposure, engagement and, most importantly, results. In today's digital age, however, social media content providers with specialised following may now provide brands with greater value. On social media sites, these people have devoted followings. "Social media in