9 common SEO mistakes

Itzo Common SEO mistakes
SEO is hard.

It’s an ever-changing mess of algorithms, keywords and links.

No wonder new marketers make so many mistakes!

But ironically, many don’t even realise that they have.

Which of these 9 SEO mistakes have you made?

Mistake #1 - The David And Goliath Keyword Strategy

So, you’ve set up a new website, you’re raring to go.

You’re keen to take on the big guns.

Good luck.

Unfortunately, SEO ain’t no David and Goliath tale.

Aiming for ultra-competitive keywords,

Straight off the bat is gonna get you nowhere.

Instead, target less competitive & long-tail.

That way you can build your strength.

And bring the pain!

Mistake #2 - The Infrequent Publisher 

You don’t need to publish content every day.

But leaving the same old content up for weeks,

Will make your site go stale.

So, produce at least one new article a week,

And update older content with value.

Mistake #3 - Low-Quality Content

There’s nothing Google hates more than poor quality.

… Well, maybe paying tax…

But stuff your content with keywords, irrelevance
and unactionable information…

And you might as well pack it in now.

So, if you’re serious about wooing Google, prioritise:

1 - Optimisation
2 - Readability
3 - Functionality
4 - Value
5 - Structure
6 - Personality

Mistake #4 - Optimize Primarily for Mobile

Mobile phones are the most used device,

For interacting with the digital domain.

So design with mobiles in mind.

Fast loading speeds and mobile-friendly formats.

Your audience will thank you… via text.

Mistake #5 - Quantity of Links Over Quality

Google hearts relevance & relevance hates link farms.

They breed low quality, abused and irrelevant links.

So make sure you go free range and relevant!

Else your rankings will plummet.

Mistake #6 - Obsessing Over Minor Optimisations

Yes, you should optimise.

But don’t sweat the small stuff.

“Another keyword here, a reformat there.”

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Engage, inform, add value, publish.

Mistake #7 - Quality Writing > SEO Knowhow

Quality of content is the key to SEO.

Hire bad writers and it’s over before you start.

So don’t be afraid to look beyond SEO.

Literary talent can’t be taught.

But SEO can.

Mistake #8 - Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

You get what you pay for.

And buying cheap is a false economy.

So whether you’re hiring an agency or writers.

Do your research and pay that little bit extra.

Mistake #9 - Not Taking Action

SEO is an ever-evolving game.

You have to do the work to stay on top.

That means monitor, analysis and action.

After all, treading water leads to one place.


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