Sales script Hona App came to us to streamline a vital part of their startup: the pitch to partners. As a matching app that pushes local businesses' offers to potential customers, a key component to their success was signing up those business owners they knew their market would respond to. We created a full sales script, including an elevator pitch, IRL examples, a guide to tone and delivery, mission statement, and pain point solutions.
Evolve  is an American association that promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun violence, and it is primarily concerned with violence that comes from any casual behaviors related to firearms, as we too often hear on media. Evolve came up with a very smart campaign with a very clear message; “if they find it, they’ll play with it.” This message targets adults but the campaign uses kids. Kids find everything, their toys...and yours.  A very well executed campaign (by creative agency McCann), and quite funny too. Watch the video, will bring you a smile and...make you think.
Whether you run a brick-and-mortar or an online business, a solid content marketing plan is critical to your success. The two key factors of any successful content marketing strategy are quality and reach. Once you have quality content, whether it’s a blog or podcast, or even an e-store you need to get it to the masses. This makes content reach critical. Because if you can get maximum content reach for your quality content, all your analytics will increase. To help your blog or business grow and be successful, we put together the following definitive guide for maximum content reach. Let’s dive in! Begin with a well-thought-out social media content marketing plan When it comes to gaining maximum content reach for your business, having a good social media strategy is critical. Although it may appear to be a no-brainer when it comes to reaching out to more people, you'd be shocked how few businesses use social media efficiently. Using additional hashtags, especially hashtags unique to
“Think of someone you need to resolve a conflict with, and invite them to dinner.” It’s an ancient tradition; get together over a meal is the first step to resolving conflict. Recipeace  is a social movement that brings people together over food. The intent is to build awareness for Peace Day on a global scale, while inspiring peaceful action on an individual level. The campaign, rolled out on September 21 (Peace Day) by Leo Burnett Chicago, is asking chefs, restaurants, food ambassadors and foodies around the world to join the Recipeace movement by cooking a meal inspired by recipes that have resolved conflict in history. Nice concept, simple and effective as you can see from the visuals below.
BritSwim is the leading swimming company in Muscat, part of the Unique Sports Oman group, and it offers highly effective, super fun swimming lessons for every age and every level, delivered by their qualified and dedicated teachers. As the company grew quickly there was a need to create more professional and technical content; from company policies to manuals, from website content to blog posts, and much more! Visit BritSwim and find out more about our work and them.
It’s no secret that social media has transformed the way people communicate in the workplace. Internal communications developed significantly since the days of simple staff memos, emails and newsletters. Even instant messaging, support forums and intranets which represent a modern way for different offices and departments to connect seem outdated. How is social media taking over? Could be a long list but I’ll mention two examples; one, from Nokia, shows that experimenting, making and correcting mistakes, and sticking to a belief or vision pays off. The second example, from TBWA, is just so cool that makes you want to work there. Nokia is probably a pioneer as social media has a long history within the company. Back in 2001, the company launched an internal site called Jazz Cafe as a kind of informal discussion forum. This was followed by discussion forums and wikis to share expertise. As you can see from the timeline below, the company has experimented multiple formats and platforms, s
This is absolutely hilarious. Photo of the year! ('stole' it from  @NasraBusaidi )
  If you're new to SEO this is a great list to help you understand what SEO is all about, and offering reliable solutions to increase your ranking. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy! SEO News Roundup Beginner's Guide to SEO ContentKing Academy hreflang Guide Google's SEO Guide Bing Webmaster Guide How Google Works by Paul Haahr How Google works for JS Heavy Sites About URLs, LazyLoading, etc Javascript SEO Playlist Plato Web Design SEO Guide How Search works The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page How Google Crawls a Web Page Webmaster Guidelines Beginner's Guide to Link Building Google Quality Rating Guideline - March 28, 2016 Microsoft Excel for SEOs Google Penalty Removal Web Performance 101 Guide to Website Speed Optimization Log File Analysis for SEO Creative Link Building Ideas Mobile Measurement Glossary Need a quick guide about avoiding common SEO mistakes ?
The brief was to develop a website for Unique Sports Oman, a leading sports company based in Muscat, with the sole purpose of creating awareness about the company, its subsidiaries (Ace Tennis School, BritSwim, and Teddy Tennis Oman), and key management personnel. We were also invited to come up with ideas for identity and the creation of various social media channels. After a few meetings and lots of coffees, we delivered our first 'baby', in a timely manner and under budget. The final design was clean and dynamic, with dark colours to contrast with Unique Sports Oman's lively and vibrant corporate colours. Take some time to visit their site to see the final result, let us know how we can assist you, and if you're thinking of living an healthier life, join Unique Sports Oman!
When you want to do something do it properly, with a big bang! That’s what the German Symphony Orchestra recently did in Cologne. This is a great flash mob, one of my favorites. The surprise gig began with a conductor and a trumpet player setting up in the middle of a busy square...I’ll let you watch the rest as it needs no explanation. And these are two other really cool flash mobs: ‘ insanely awesome marketing drama ’ and ‘ ninja ’.
Duqm 1 is an online investor/tourist guide, aiming to provide travellers, new residents, and business owners in Duqm with an easy and convenient stay while visiting for pleasure or work. The revised site needed to be updated daily, several times, as news came in, and we've been updating and expanding it by adding new jobs, locals’ favourite restaurants, shops, as well as hotels, tour operators, and natural landmarks. If you're planning to go to Duqm, don't forget to visit  Duqm 1  first; it'll definitely be useful. Enjoy!