Social media for internal communication

It’s no secret that social media has transformed the way people communicate in the workplace. Internal communications developed significantly since the days of simple staff memos, emails and newsletters. Even instant messaging, support forums and intranets which represent a modern way for different offices and departments to connect seem outdated.
How is social media taking over? Could be a long list but I’ll mention two examples; one, from Nokia, shows that experimenting, making and correcting mistakes, and sticking to a belief or vision pays off.
The second example, from TBWA, is just so cool that makes you want to work there.
Nokia is probably a pioneer as social media has a long history within the company. Back in 2001, the company launched an internal site called Jazz Cafe as a kind of informal discussion forum. This was followed by discussion forums and wikis to share expertise. As you can see from the timeline below, the company has experimented multiple formats and platforms, some of which have flourished and other of which have been less successful.

Between 2001 and now many other global companies jumped onto the social media bandwagon as their preferred way of increasing knowledge sharing, encouraging teamwork and collaboration, and adding value to the employee experience. That’s exactly what global advertising agency TBWA is currently doing by connecting its 13,000+ employees located in 320 offices around the world through Instagram.
#Disruptagram is the name of the agency Instagram program; a new and fun way to share bits of life from its many offices. The initiative, ongoing, was born earlier this year where each week a new office takes control of the TBWA Instagram account. You’ll find all sorts of photos around the workplace, lunches, coffees, dogs, etc.

Thanks to the authenticity of its tone of voice Instagram has become a genuine and original way for TBWA to contribute to employees’ satisfaction as well as opening up the agency’s culture to the public. Thumbs up! (I wonder if local agency TBWA/Zeenahis part of the project.)

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