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There's nothing better, and funnier, than having your competitors advertising your brand. A simple idea but well thought and implemented. Once DHL’s competitors realised what they were doing it was already too late. Watch it, it’s a good one.
Evolve  is an American association that promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun violence, and it is primarily concerned with violence that comes from any casual behaviors related to firearms, as we too often hear on media. Evolve came up with a very smart campaign with a very clear message; “if they find it, they’ll play with it.” This message targets adults but the campaign uses kids. Kids find everything, their toys...and yours.  A very well executed campaign (by creative agency McCann), and quite funny too. Watch the video, will bring you a smile and...make you think.
“Think of someone you need to resolve a conflict with, and invite them to dinner.” It’s an ancient tradition; get together over a meal is the first step to resolving conflict. Recipeace  is a social movement that brings people together over food. The intent is to build awareness for Peace Day on a global scale, while inspiring peaceful action on an individual level. The campaign, rolled out on September 21 (Peace Day) by Leo Burnett Chicago, is asking chefs, restaurants, food ambassadors and foodies around the world to join the Recipeace movement by cooking a meal inspired by recipes that have resolved conflict in history. Nice concept, simple and effective as you can see from the visuals below.
When you want to do something do it properly, with a big bang! That’s what the German Symphony Orchestra recently did in Cologne. This is a great flash mob, one of my favorites. The surprise gig began with a conductor and a trumpet player setting up in the middle of a busy square...I’ll let you watch the rest as it needs no explanation. And these are two other really cool flash mobs: ‘ insanely awesome marketing drama ’ and ‘ ninja ’.
I love this stuff!  Just ordinary go and take your car to go to work and instead you find a Jeep Renegade. Jeep, not new with these type of marketing, and with the assistance of some Juventus players, came up with a cool stunt and transformed  overnight  all cars on the same road into a Jeep. Check the reaction of the owners when they found what happened to their cars the following morning.
When was the last time you took a photo, or a selfie, with a policeman? You've surely seen or heard about the Dubai police 'supercar' fleet. Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, Bentley and their latest addition, a $1.6 million Bugatti Veyron. Is this how they’re trying to catch super criminals? No, it’s a PR tactic to bring the police corp closer to the people, locals and tourists, and it seems to be working well. The super cops drive around their super cars only in several tourist attractions where people can take photos with them and their cars.  Great stuff!