What is(n't) Public Relations


People often ask what PR is. This should clarify any doubts....

PR isn’t media relations.

PR isn’t writing press releases.

PR isn’t writing bylines.

PR isn’t analyst relations.

PR isn’t measurement.

PR isn’t messaging.

PR isn’t crisis communications.

PR isn’t media training.

PR isn’t de-positioning competitors.

PR isn’t thought leadership.

PR isn’t event management.

PR isn’t social media strategy.

PR isn’t social media writing, calendaring & posting.

PR isn’t a speaking program.

PR isn’t an awards program.

PR isn’t storytelling.

PR isn’t WOM.

PR isn’t dark social.

PR isn’t podcasts or substack or influencer programs.

PR isn’t always-on consultation for the C-Suite.

PR isn’t attracting VCs or other funding sources.

PR isn’t about creating a halo effect on your brand.

PR isn’t any one of these things.

It’s *all of them* and many more.

So the next time some “guru” tells you that “PR is a dying industry,” don’t take the bait.

Instead, keep elevating the clients who understand the insane value you bring to their marketing mix.

And wave to the naysayers as you skyrocket past them.

This is the way.

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