7 best tools for traffic acquisition

Itzo best tools for traffic acquisition in Oman

A brief list of best growth hacking tools for traffic acquisition to skyrocket your business!

Click to Tweet: The tool gives you an easy way of promoting or advertising your product or business on Twitter. In this strategy, new users are asked to share the product on Twitter, and then the brand can track the analytics to see the number of times the Click to Tweet link has been clicked on. You can use this on the website, landing pages, social media posts, emails etc.

Finteza: This is a website traffic tracking tool that can also help you to build funnels and analyze your users’ behavior in order to drive conversions. Finteza gives you accurate data about the loading speed of certain pages on your website, and you can also run relevant ads on your website using the tool’s built-in advertising engine, thus growing your revenue.

Growthbar: The chrome extension allows you to access critical SEO data points on every website and get keywords and growth channels that make it productive. That means you can explore the best performing domain authority, keywords, page word count, backlink data, Facebook ads etc. With Growthbar, a marketer can perfectly grow organic traffic and execute SEO.

Highlight and Share: The growth hacking tool allows your website visitors to highlight interesting parts of your content on your blog or website and share it on any social network like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Nimble: The relationship management tool helps you manage several contacts across multiple channels, see what people are saying about you so that you can engage with them, and get notifications about meaningful events like job changes and birthdays. With the platform, you can maximize relationships that help you grow your business because you have everything in a single place.

MixRank: You find new customers with this tool because it concentrates on profitable sales leads and sources of traffic with real-time intelligence gathered from digital advertising databases. Therefore, with MixRank, you can zero in on the placements with a higher potential of delivering your target audience. It helps you monitor your competitors, identify advertisers bidding against you, and research how they are doing it.

Pay with a Tweet: The platform allows you to give people access to your product or content when they post or tweet about it. That means people are allowed to have your products when they share any information about them on social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. This strategy is an excellent way to go viral in the initial stages of a product launch or spread your product or content across the web over time.

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