Tips to build a super content marketing team

For a long time, the buzzword in digital marketing has been content marketing.
Content Marketing Team Tips

How many times have you heard the terms "Content is King," "a good content strategy," "we need a content department," or "we need to hire a Content Marketer" in a conversation?

With the launch of Hummingbird, a Google search algorithm, there is now a strong emphasis on content in search. Hummingbird strengthened long-tailed keywords by focusing on content optimization rather than just keyword optimization. Do consumers, on the other hand, really comprehend what content marketing is? What's more, why and how should they be doing it?

Content marketing has taken on a new identity since we began working with SEO a few years ago. It was referred to as 'link building' at its most basic level. Even though we are now in 2019, we know that link building (in its old form) is terrible because gaining unrelated and authoritative links can only hurt a site's credit – we have Penguin to prove it!

As SEO content managers, we consider the following eight fun, quick, and simple suggestions and traits when putting together a great and productive content marketing team.

Before you can create new content, you must first understand the fundamentals of SEO. A team that understands how search engines crawl and view a website is essential, since it is the only way to ensure that a site has a solid foundation on which to build. It's pointless to create content and drive visitors to a site that can't handle technological challenges or provides a poor user experience!

Some of the most inspiring people we've worked with have come from a variety of educational backgrounds, including philosophy, law, music, sports, and much more! However, we believe that this is what makes them so great! They look at things from a different perspective and spot chances that might otherwise go unnoticed. So, while a solid foundation of SEO expertise is necessary, don't be put off if your SEO consultant has a background in dance! In content marketing, the ancient adage of "thinking outside the box" should be encouraged!

Once strong content has been created, it isn't just a case of "if you build it, they will come" — it takes time, effort, and a little hustling to make it shine. We're looking for a team with strong networking skills, colleagues that understand the targeted outreach market, and a team that doesn't rely primarily on online engagement. They go the additional mile and ‘hustle' to achieve their objectives.

A little friendly competition, whether it's with a coworker, a competitor agency, or oneself, has never harmed anyone. Make sure your staff is not just motivated by those around them, but also has the courage to encourage others!

Following up on the previous point about competitiveness, we don't want a team of ruthless marketers, and you shouldn't either; this will only cause you to lose sight of your goal. A great content marketer should be able to work well with others as well as stand out on their own.

This is a crucial factor to remember. A smart content marketer needs to be very aware of and understand what their clients' business objectives are while developing content both onshore and offsite. This could be due to an increase in traffic, conversions, or social engagement. Whatever the case may be, they must be able to provide material that meets all KPIs and measurable criteria.

We content marketers have a tendency to be sentimental about our ideas, and sometimes you just have to let go and start again. I'm content as long as they can speak out and say "this won't work" (or "this isn't working") and learn from it. It's a lot better than going forward blindly and squandering valuable resources and budget for a low return.

Are they culturally compatible? Will they get along with the rest of the team? And what about the members of your current team? Will they supply you with an advantage or knowledge that no one else can?
This list could go on and on, but hopefully it gives you a good idea of what we look for in a great content marketing team, and it seems to be working for us, and our clients, so far!

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