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It’s no secret that social media has transformed the way people communicate in the workplace. Internal communications developed significantly since the days of simple staff memos, emails and newsletters. Even instant messaging, support forums and intranets which represent a modern way for different offices and departments to connect seem outdated. How is social media taking over? Could be a long list but I’ll mention two examples; one, from Nokia, shows that experimenting, making and correcting mistakes, and sticking to a belief or vision pays off. The second example, from TBWA, is just so cool that makes you want to work there. Nokia is probably a pioneer as social media has a long history within the company. Back in 2001, the company launched an internal site called Jazz Cafe as a kind of informal discussion forum. This was followed by discussion forums and wikis to share expertise. As you can see from the timeline below, the company has experimented multiple formats and platforms, s
For a long time, the buzzword in digital marketing has been content marketing. How many times have you heard the terms "Content is King," "a good content strategy," "we need a content department," or "we need to hire a Content Marketer" in a conversation? With the launch of Hummingbird, a Google search algorithm, there is now a strong emphasis on content in search. Hummingbird strengthened long-tailed keywords by focusing on content optimization rather than just keyword optimization. Do consumers, on the other hand, really comprehend what content marketing is? What's more, why and how should they be doing it? Content marketing has taken on a new identity since we began working with SEO a few years ago. It was referred to as 'link building' at its most basic level. Even though we are now in 2019, we know that link building (in its old form) is terrible because gaining unrelated and authoritative links can only hurt a site's credit