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  What makes a great marketer and the impact he/she has? 1 - Good marketers question the status quo. They continually ask if they are doing the right tasks the right way and then modify if needed. Bad marketers do things ‘because we always do it this way.’ 2 - Good marketers make it their job to know the market, the competition, and the company’s products better than anyone else - and they share their knowledge with other stakeholders at the company. Bad marketers don’t know the product thoroughly and don’t stay up-to-date with the market landscape. 3 - Good marketers measure themselves on revenue generated. Bad marketers measure themselves on leads generated or traffic generated. 4 - Good marketers feel ownership of the go-to-market process end-to-end. Bad marketers blame the product or the sales team for lack of success. 5 - Good marketers define and articulate a strong and unique position for their company, division, and products. Good marketers use easy-to-understand and straightfo
1. Test everything , assume nothing 2. Unsexy marketing that sells > sexy marketing that doesn’t 3. Vanity metrics don’t matter - results and revenue do 4. Laser-sharp targeting and audience segmentation are key 5. Focus on community building > chasing customers 6. Action reaps bigger rewards than ‘strategising’ 7. Your audience is your best source of data 8. Optimisation is an iterative process 9. Repurposing content is a priority activity 10. Follow customers , not trends Big thanks to Matt Janaway