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If you read blogs in Oman you certainly know Muscat Confidential , also known as the Undercover Dragon, and you must have wondered who was writing the best and the most interesting blog in Oman until sometime ago when he/she left the country. I sort of started trying to find out his identity and with time I really got into it. But I always failed. I did some research and learnt how to bypass proxy servers and build Tor circuits. I used intermediate nodes and avoided rendezvous points. I tried everything but always failed. The Undercover Dragon definitely knows his/her stuff. When everything seemed a huge waste of time I was suddenly able to acquire the encryption keys and algorithm seeds. From then on it was easy; I managed to decrypt the traffic between the exit node and the target server, and found the network identity.   At this point I had the network identification and location address, and finally got the name of this person and even the Facebook profile (I could not believe my e