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Backlinks help you rank high on Google, it's a fact. Here's a simple 3-step framework for ranking almost every article on the TOP SERP positions without spending a fortune on backlinks. 1. Choose high-intent keywords Huge brands often miss a ton of high-quality, low-volume, long-tail keywords. That's your place to shine. 2. Write the best article on the given subject. Look, Google is smart. No need to try hacking the algorithm. If your article is the best in the world for the users' intent, you'll be 1st. User-first content always beats SEO-first content. 3. Don't forget about internal links By linking similar articles in the same niche internally, Google considers you a "topic authority website." This allows you to rank your content faster and better. Hope you enjoyed this quick and effective backlinks guide. And don't miss all our SEO and Content  tips and guides !