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Internal linking is an often-overlooked aspect of SEO, but it's a powerful tool that can help you improve your website's organic traffic and rankings. It can help visitors navigate your site more easily and keep them more engaged. Why search engines love internal linking? * Helps crawlers and users navigate your website * Aids in indexing of your content * Can help pass link juice (PageRank) around your website * Can help you target specific keywords with greater accuracy So here we're sharing 7 internal linking tips for you. 1. Finding related pages on your website: One of the best ways to find related pages on your website is by using the site: operator in Google. For example, if you wanted to find all the pages on our website that are about SEO, you could type in SEO This will return all the pages on our website that are indexed by Google that include the term "SEO." 2. Anchor text: When creating internal links, be sure to use anchor t
For those new to SEO we have added all the major and minor points that are required to do for a new website. It's important to notice that you should keep 90% of your focus on content and backlinks as everything else is depends on them. SEO Basics:​ Set up GSC and Bing Webmaster Tools Set up Google Analytics (GA) Install and configure an SEO plugin (Wordpress) Generate and submit a sitemap to GSC and Bing Create a Robots.txt Check Webmaster Tools for any manual actions Make sure the site is indexed Keyword Research:​ Identify the competitors Find the main keywords Find long-tail keyword variations Create a keyword map Analyze the page intent of ranked results Make a list of questions being asked Check the target keyword difficulty Technical SEO​: Ensure the site is using HTTPS Check for duplicate versions of the site Check for crawl errors and fix them Improve site speed Check for broken internal and external links Find and fix HTTP links on HTTPS pages Use SEO-friendly URL structu
More than one offer on a page can overwhelm customers. The best landing pages have one offer. Yep, ONE offer. But they’re PACKED with: * Statistics / results * Case studies * Testimonials * Captivating copy * The language of the customer * Benefits (not just features) * Solutions to common pains It’s better to sell one idea properly, than not sell five ideas at all. If you're planning to direct traffic to your landing page through an email campaign then take time to look at these FREE email marketing services .
If a page takes longer than three seconds to load, more than 25% of users will click away to another search result. That's what SEO experts say. So here come 10 tips on reducing site and page loading time, which in especially in ecommerce or affiliate sites will potentially help you make more money. 1. Use a content delivery network (CDN) 2. Find a web stack built for speed 3. Choose a mobile-responsive design 4. Use pop-ups sparingly 5. Decrease thumbnail image sizes 6. Compress file and image sizes 7. Minify JavaScript and CSS files 8. Remove broken links 9. Reduce the number of HTTP requests 10. Implement Full Page Caching A site that is optimised for speed not only enhances the user experience (UX) but can also help to boost your search engine rankings. Site loading is part of on-site SEO which is better explained in Google's overall evaluation of page experience .
Website and content design for a real startup's startup; Metric Bee works with founders, accelerators, and big corporates in support of small business, offering workshops, financial consultation and services, and a host of other focused programmes. We also loved working with Metric Bee on the branding and descriptions of their upcoming startup products, but as that's an exciting new venture for Metric Bee we can't say more than that... Maybe you need a consultation for your new venture? Visit  Metric Bee  now.
This is Itzo doing what we love best: working with a smart and gritty team of founders to fashion their ideas and passion into robust and meaningful content. In this case we applied the content to a company profile and created a simple, striking website to set off their renewable energy data startup. Visit Tawazi
Glare is a lighting design studio with offices in Muscat, Dubai, Milan, Doha and Almaty. We have assisted in developing their website and its content. Visit GLARE and feel free to share any feedback with us!