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Guest post by  Swati Srivastava - s everal sources have mentioned the growing potential of social media in Oman. The number of people making use of social media in Oman is increasing exponentially. The Oman Daily Observer reports that social media is being used by local businesses and residents on a daily basis. Social Media Growth in Oman The penetration of several Internet-enabled devices such as tablets, laptop, and Smartphones has increased the number of Internet and social media users in Oman. During the last decade, the Internet users have increased from 4 percent to approximately 70 percent of the population. These users are gradually being hooked to interactive social media services such as Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The increasing numbers of different online services, which fall under the social media range, include blogs, forums, micro blogging platforms, podcasts, etc. The awareness of social media marketing is also increasing among the business leaders in O
Guest post by Devika Arora - The recently concluded 3rd Ambassadors’ gathering on cyber security, organised by Oman’s National Computer Emergency Readiness Team in association with Salalah College of Technology in Salalah had the underlying theme of social media and its negative impact arising out of its misuse. The ITA meet also discussed the various legal means to curb the negative aspects and maintain a harmonious and better cyber environment. The significance of this meet is much, as with the rising influence of social media on various aspects of life, chances of its misuse are greater than ever before.   However, instead of taking legal actions that are binding and restrictive, informative and constructive steps are a better way of avoiding the menace that social media can become at times. Being Careful About What You Share Social networks have become the most popular way of maintaining contact with family and friends, and make new personal as well as professional connections; h
If you read blogs in Oman you certainly know Muscat Confidential , also known as the Undercover Dragon, and you must have wondered who was writing the best and the most interesting blog in Oman until sometime ago when he/she left the country. I sort of started trying to find out his identity and with time I really got into it. But I always failed. I did some research and learnt how to bypass proxy servers and build Tor circuits. I used intermediate nodes and avoided rendezvous points. I tried everything but always failed. The Undercover Dragon definitely knows his/her stuff. When everything seemed a huge waste of time I was suddenly able to acquire the encryption keys and algorithm seeds. From then on it was easy; I managed to decrypt the traffic between the exit node and the target server, and found the network identity.   At this point I had the network identification and location address, and finally got the name of this person and even the Facebook profile (I could not believe my e