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Kellogg’s is the latest brand who tried taking advantage of unfortunate situations by doing a shameless self-promotion. As part of its “Give a Child a Breakfast campaign” Kellogg’s UK tweeted the following: Didn't  take Kellogg’s long to realise what such bad idea it was, so they immediately deleted the Tweet and sent out an apology. — Kellogg's UK (@KelloggsUK) November 10, 2013 The tweet was branded "stupid" and "cynical" and, a s it often happens on social media, the apology didn't convince people at all, in fact these are just few of the reactions: . @KelloggsUK Not "wrong use of words", you said exactly what you meant to say. It was just a lousy social marketing plan. — The_No_Show (@The_No_Show) November 10, 2013 . @KelloggsUK I think your apology would sound more convincing if you just admitted that you were wrong as opposed to blaming poor English.. — Helen Partridge (@gingerfury) November 10, 2013 you're trash. throw yourself in