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More than one offer on a page can overwhelm customers. The best landing pages have one offer. Yep, ONE offer. But they’re PACKED with: * Statistics / results * Case studies * Testimonials * Captivating copy * The language of the customer * Benefits (not just features) * Solutions to common pains It’s better to sell one idea properly, than not sell five ideas at all. If you're planning to direct traffic to your landing page through an email campaign then take time to look at these FREE email marketing services .
Email marketing allows a brand to connect with its users in a personalized way through email. Brands can advertise specific products, events, or simply company news, and vary the tone and content of an email depending on which target audience or persona type the email is being sent to. Marketing innovations also allow for timed email sends based on past activity from a user on a website enhancing the probability for conversions. If you're looking at using email marketing as part of your strategy we have put together a list of free but reliable sites that allow you to reach huge number of contacts (some of them offer SMS services too). Here we go! MailKitchen 20,000 Emails per month Mailrelay 15,000 Emails per month Mailgun 10,000 Emails per month Vtiger 10,000 Emails per month Enflyer 10,000 Emails per month JangoMail 10,000 Emails per month Sendinblue 9,000 Emails per month Mailjet 6,000 Emails per month SendPulse 2,500 Emails per month Campayn 2,000 Emails pe