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After the plane crash survivor selfie ,  the extreme selfies  and the do-it-yourself selfie stick  here comes the most dangerous (or stupid?) one! Oh, and did you see Queen Elizabeth's photobombing ?
His name is Kirill Oreshkin and he’s known as the Russian Spider-Man.   The Moscow based photographer takes his photos without any safety, and sometimes his friends are with him. The tallest building he's climbed is Moscow's Mercury City Tower, which is the tallest building in Europe at 338 meters high. Crazy Brave guy! Love selfies? Click here for ' The most dangerous selfie ', ‘ The plane crash survivor selfie ’ or ' The best do-it-yourself selfie stick '.
As the plane was going down Ferdinand Puentes and the rest of the passengers jumped out of the plane just offshore of Kalaupapa, Molokai, and survived.   Fortunately, after floating for what seemed like hours, Puentes and the rest of the people on board were picked up by the Coast Guard.   This must be the selfie of the year! Like selfies? Check out the most dangerous selfie , extreme selfies , or an awesome selfie photobomb by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth !!