How to increase your blog's popularity

Today I’m sharing another tip I recently learnt with all fellow bloggers looking at increasing their readership and blog visits, and those in need of extra exposure and advertisers. Before telling you how to do it though I’d quickly like to thank my good friend Graham who gave me this tip, THANK YOU!
Most likely you’re already on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn will help you boost your traffic especially if you’re well connected and your content is valuable. The professional network recently started allowing members to publish long-form posts about their expertise and professional interests.
Basically you’ll be using LinkedIn as a blogging platform instead of Blogger, WordPress, etc. On LinkedIn your content becomes part of your profile and it is shared with your connections and followers. Most importantly, members not in your network can follow you and receive updates when you publish next, and your post is searchable both on and off of LinkedIn. How awesome is that?
I've been using it now for a couple of months and traffic to my blog increased by 25/30%. When I was simply updating my status on LinkedIn by posting a link to the blog I was barely receiving any extra traffic. So it definitely works. In order to direct traffic to your blog you must include the source of your content, i.e. your blog, otherwise readers won't find your real blogging platform.
LinkedIn doesn't give the publishing option to just everyone; you need to request it. It takes a minute to do so, just check out this page, fill in the form and you’ll be on your way to become a LinkedIn publisher! Of course you’ll need to publish quality content or you won’t be allowed to publish, simple isn't it? ;)

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