How to Make Effective Social Media Marketing with the Help of Free Tools

Guest post by Sarah Hallis - In order to have some tangible profit from social media marketing it is important not only to have interesting and qualitative content but to use definite metrics, planning and methods for work with general information flow.
It is better to start with choosing right metrics for the page or community you moderate, but you can continue with concrete timing and content analysis. Below you will find several main tips, which you have to follow.
Find the best time for content publishing in Facebook and Twitter
As soon as content in social networks updates quickly many posts become buried under a plenty of new publications. That’s why it is very much important to analyze and gather information in dynamics. Use several analysis tools for it.
First of them is Tweriod. With its help you can know the days and periods when your followers are the most active. After connecting your Twitter-account to Tweriod you get a chance to analyze and sum up the results for every hour. You can get the analytic report by e-mail or as a link in private message. You can use Tweriod for free for microblogs with less than 1 thousand followers.
In order to define the best time for posting in Facebook open the control panel “Insights”, choose “Posts” and set “When your fans are online”.

Find the optimal quantity of posts for a day in Facebook
A lot of researches of the user’s activity in social networks tell that the optimal quantity of posts is 1-2 a day in Facebook. Let’s examine how much it is true.
In updated panel “Insights” there is the information about your recent posts and how much often they are looked through by users. The gathered data can be exported into the table as a separate file from the control panel just by choosing “Post-level data” as a filter.
Don’t forget to measure CTR
Activity in social networks means publication of a plenty of different content in social networks, video and audio hosting, blogs and other social resources.
Content posting is connected with the clicks frequency and clickthrough rate (CTR). You have to use CTR for defining key successful materials and posts of similar content types in future. For the effective measuring of CTR you will need a service of links shortening with the possibility of tracing of clicks by links.
You can use, for example, the most popular Bitly. With its help you can not only to short links, but even make measuring of the links and posts popularity. The information about links, traffic sources, audience distribution is gathered in separate report.
Compare the leads sources and the conversion index
For the better part of brands the strategy of conduct in social networks is in redirection of traffic from social media to the site or blog of the brand. In fact it is a good decision, but don’t forget that every platform has its peculiarities. That’s why you won’t be able to get the same ROI level if you use one and the same model of work with content for all platforms.
Google Analytics will help you to work with leads sources and to optimize the conversion. You can adjust this system for work with social networks. By adding UTM-parameters to links for further tracing of key links and following on them from social networks in Google Analytics you will ease the work in conversion increasing. You can also use Google URL Builder for creating such marked links.
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