Omani bloggers and tweeps to attempt social media world record!

In their ongoing quest to increase awareness about protecting the environment and spreading awareness about the need for clean energy the soon-to-be-world-famous Freezing Omanis came up with an original idea.

Bader and Ameer, supported by several local blogger and tweeps, will do a tweet-up at a temperature of -20 degrees in the famous ‘evil freezer’! The attempt will take place this Thursday, February 21st, at 11am.

Click here to visit the Freezing Omanis blog and find out why a country like Oman, with its unique and diverse environmental issues, needs to get those different issues highlighted and show the world that the Sultanate and its community are serious about taking a step forward.
So who else is joining Bader and Ameer in the freezer? Who are these crazy brave people? Ladies first of course:

Maya from Sew Chic and Unique blog. You can follow her on Twitter too.

Fatima, you can follow her on Twitter.

Saba, you can follow her on Twitter.

Andy from Andy in Oman blog. Follow Andy on Twitter too.

There will also be someone from the happy gang of Merge 104.8. Maybe Rumaitha? She enjoyed the freezer a lot last time. Follow Merge 104.8 here.

Last...myself! I couldn't have missed such fun thing especially when related to both social media and the environment! You already know my blog, in case you want to find me on Twitter click here

Will blog about the whole experience if I survive it! Stay tuned :)

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